PhD seminar in the "Faculty of Humanities" - Shumen, 2012

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( History of the seminar )

The seminar is held on November, 23th, 2012 (Friday), 9.00h in room 309 in the Rector’s department (Corpus 1).


1. Assoc. prof. Kiril SImmov (BAS)
- e-corpus: types, processing and exploitation;

2. Assoc. prof. Petya Osenova (SU)
- Sematic modeling of the parts of speech in Bulgarian language;

3. Presentation of the CLARIN Initiative (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure): Electronic linguisitic models.

Moderator of the seminar:
Assoc. prof. Dimitar Dimitrov Popov



Презентации от семинара


Семантично моделиране на българските части на речта

Eлектронни корпуси: видове, обработка и изполване