Bulgarian LabLing Corpus

BULGARIAN LABLING CORPUS has been published to the CHILDES (Child Language Data Exchange System) platform.

The CHILDES database contains a large volume of data concerning the acquisition of numerous languages. It is created under the guidance of the renowned specialist in the field of child speech, prof. Brian MacWhinney of the Faculty of Psychology at Carnegie-Mellon University, USA.His group is recognized as a CLARIN center in child speech by the European CLARIN infrastructure which includes CLaDa-BG.

THE BULGARIAN LABLING CORPUS is created by the researchers of the LABLING laboratory of applied linguistics at “Episkop Konstantin Preslavski” University, Shumen, the laboratory being a technological partner in the national CLaDa-BG project.

The publishing of Bulgarian data to CHILDES amplifies the database abilities for crosslinguistic research with another Slavic language. Simultaneously, the Bulgarian linguistic tradition gains another universal comfortable standard for studying language ontogenesis, which enables quick, exact and reliable comparisons between multiple languages and the building of solid typologies and modern theories.